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Please Note: If you are a Resident and are looking for RentCafe to register, please click the following link to be redirected to RentCafe: Thank you.

If you are a, FIRST-TIME OWNER, please go to our website to find out how to Become an HCV Landlord. If you are Taking Ownership or making a change in Manangement, please go to the Menu, click on Change Request, then click on Add Change Request to submit a Change of Ownership. You will be able to register and login to the portal after the following happens: 1) Your Change Request is Completed processing, 2) You are assigned a VendorID, and 3) Transactions hit your account. Also, please take note that you DO NOT need to login to the portal to submit a Change Request. You may Go to the Menu, click on Change Request, then click on Add Change Request to begin your request. Thank you and have a nice day!

Welcome to the SNRHA Landlord Portal!! The portal will allow our partners will be able to manage their business activity’s with the housing authority by assisting them in managing the following areas

  • HAP Payment Transactions
  • View Information your property or properties.
  • Tax Information regarding your property or properties



Good relationships between the SNRHA and landlords are key to the program's success. Please view our videos in under the help menu for instructions on gaining access and navigating within the system.
Please remember:

  • Your main point of contact is your SNRHA Occupancy Specialist.
  • Always comply with all Fair Housing and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
  • Do not allow a tenant to move into the unit until there is an approved inspection, approved rent, signed lease and signed HAP contract.
  • Continued occupancy will be based on your unit being in good standing with all Housing Assistance payments provisions as well as passing all required inspections.

The Password field is case-sensitive. If you experience any problems logging in, please click the Forgot password link to reset your password or the Forgot username link to email yourself your username. By "logging in" or using the SNRHA Tenant Portal website, I certify the following is true:

  1. 1. I am a payee of the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority and am conducting official business.
  2. 2. I agree to use the information in the SNRHA Tenant Portal solely for the purpose of viewing my client information.

If either of the above statements are not true, do not "log in" or use the SNRHA Landlord Portal.  The SNRHA reserves the right to disallow access to any person or party for any reason at any time. 

If you are having issues with the system please call our main number at 702 477-3100 option 3.

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